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To Kindle, Teach and Nurture the Development of Individual Technical Skills, Physical Conditioning, and Moral Character attainable through the Study of Shotokan Karate.

SKC's ultimate goal is to develop good character through training discipline, providing the skills necessary to become successful adults. And oh, and by the way, we also teach excellent karate.

Imada Kancho has been teaching karate steadily for over five decades.  He has taught thousands and produced many black belts. Those black belts who started karate at a young age moved on to become successful adults. 

Kancho refuses to accept anything less than the best and has a sharp eye for form and technique.  He pours his whole heart into each student and never fails to give 110% his knowledge and experience.  He works with them at their level and abilities until his standard of excellent form is attained.  His Creed: Never let a student repeat a mistake.

From there, it's also up to the student to work hard and correct their own mistakes. Many visitors (including those with karate background) have commented how "lucky" we were to have such focused and talented students. That's not entirely true, SKC isn't "lucky." We get the normal range of students, but it's Imada Kancho's commitment to excellence that hones each student into what they are today.

"A passion for excellence?" says Kancho, "Yes, I have an undying passion for excellence because each student has entrusted themselves to me in hopes that I will help them. I will never give up on a student, that is my motto, and I live that every time I walk into my dojo."



8th Degree Black Belt

Owner & Chief Instructor

Imada Kancho began his karate career in January 1969 while attending the University of Hawaii under the instruction of Sensei Kenneth Funakoshi of the Japan Karate Association (JKA). Kancho started Shotokan Karate Center (SKC) in 1991.

With Shotokan karate has his base, he expanded his knowledge to include Okinawa weaponry, Escrima, Ryukyu pressure points, Matsubayashi-ryu, judo, tai chi, Muay Thai, boxing, and grappling. Having systematically taken all these disciplines, he has directed 5 decades of knowledge into his own style: Tsumuji-ryu.

Sherine Nohara


5th Degree Black Belt

Sensei Sherine has been training regularly with SKC since 1998. She received her sensei status in July 2006 by successfully completing her 1.5 hour sandan (3rd degree black) exam and for consistently teaching since May 2000. On 10/26/10, she took and passed her exam for yondan (4th degree black) and spent 4 months writing her required paper: “The Reverse Punch – A ‘Simple’ Description.”

Chris Roller


3rd Degree Black Belt

Sempai Chris has trained with three other schools before settling on SKC in 1999. He received his shodan (1st degree black) in July of 2006 and his nidan (2nd degree) on 10/26/10. He has been a very committed instructor since 2003 and SKC is proud to have him on their teaching team.

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