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The new student will be taught individually (or with other beginners) by a sempai (advanced student) the basic blocks, punches, and kicks.  They will also be taught their first kata (forms) and gohon kumite (basic 5-step sparring) during this time.  Unless they pick up quickly or have prior experience, SKC will usually keep new whites training separately from the main class until they reach their first colored ranking.

Each class will begin with seiritsu (a formal line up of students) to open class.  The typical class usually starts with a short warm up, stationary punches and kicks, then goes straight into training in block/kick combinations, kata, and kumite.  The training will vary during the course of the year.  Each class will end with seiritsu and the dojo kun.

This class will also touch on some basic weapons and will mostly work with the boh (staff).  The student will remain in the general class until they become a brown belt, in which time they will have the option to enter the general advanced class and (for 18 years and older) the Black Belt Program.  If the student wishes to enter any advanced class, they must first get permission from Imada Kancho.

SKC administers exams every 3 months which allows for the student to advance fairly quickly in the ranks if they're consistent with their training.  The decision to take an exam lies with the individual, but they can ask Imada Kancho whether he believes they are ready.  It’s possible for a student to take an exam every 3 months with the exception of 1st brown where he must wait 6 months to take his next exam.  Exams are conducted on Saturday mornings during regular class time and all students should attend.  The length of the exam is determined by the number of students testing that day.

Students should come approximately 15 minutes early to register for their exam and must be paid for on the day of the exam. Imada Kancho runs all exams and announces the results to the class approximately a week later.  New belts are also awarded at the time of announcement (new belts are a separate cost).  Once a student passes his first exam, they'll be allowed to wear the black SKC school patch.


DOJO KUN (bottom left)

   1. Seek perfection of Character

   1. Be Faithful

   1. Endeavor

   1. Respect Others

   1. Refrain from Violent Behavior

Tetsuhiko Asai and Kenneth Funakoshi, instructors and inspiration to Imada Kancho.


Fourth cousin of Gichin Funakoshi, creator of modern karate.


1935 - 2006. 10th degree black belt, Master of Shotokan Karate.

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